The Mountain and Temple (part 2)

After my piss – drinking near miss of a day, I was ready to do some serious chill. I woke up in my snow white double bed, AC on full blast and appreciated those two things so completely that for a while I felt utter contentment. When I did get up it was because of […]

The Mountain and Temple (part 1)

No country has changed its impression in my mind as much as Thailand. After visiting Bangkok and whatever islands were fashionable 3 years ago, my impression of Thailand was a lot like that of Disneyland- built for tourism, and full of plastic. However after crossed the Friendship Bridge border from Vientiane, Laos I was treated […]

The Shadows of Hope

My last post may have come across as slightly irrelevant, since I talked more about dodging ting than cycling. But fuck it, I’ve never been very chronologically gifted- I’m a right slag for a good tangenting. Today’s story is brought to you by The Shadows of Hope. Who or what on earth are The Shadows […]

Made it! Hong Kong to Myanmar

After almost 7 months of furious pedalling, I finally rode my last, cruising into Yangon, Myanmar on the 9th of June, high as balls on the sudden sense of finality and impending relaxation. The potentially tedious 13 hour cycle day felt like a teatime stroll down a rose scented promenade. The truculent typhoons, which had […]

Alex’s Blog- Mud Caves and Crunk

This is the second of my retrospective blogs, so let’s see if I can catch up to present day. It’s not good to be living in the past, or at least that’s what all these trippy hippy travellers keep telling me. Jokes, I’m definitely the trippy hip at this point. About a month ago we […]

The Meme

So we are chilling in Hoi An, Vietnam at the moment. Easily my favorite place in Vietnam so far. Alex was giving the news feed a little scroll and found a classic Facebook post from a friend of his. As a well deserved troll, Alex recreated the photo with people we met here in Hoi […]

Alex’s Blog- Cat Ba Island

I’m writing this as I leave Cat Ba Island, where ive been chilling for the last couple nights. I spent 2 weeks in Hanoi, exploring the city. My Sara came to visit and together we hit up galleries, did a touch of urban exploration (turns out Hanoi is ripe for urbex), ate, drank and stayed […]

The Honeymoon – Part 2

Our “Honeymoon Phase 1” was going lovely. But hand feeding Alex chicken curry while cockroaches crawled across our feet had to end at some point. We hauled these damn bikes from Korea and they weren’t going to ride themselves. Enter China. Keal: Do you know Chinese? Alex: No, I don’t know Chinese. Do you? Keal: […]