The Honeymoon – Part 2

Our “Honeymoon Phase 1” was going lovely. But hand feeding Alex chicken curry while cockroaches crawled across our feet had to end at some point. We hauled these damn bikes from Korea and they weren’t going to ride themselves. Enter China. Keal: Do you know Chinese? Alex: No, I don’t know Chinese. Do you? Keal: […]

Alex’s Blog- Happy Hanoi

Well, we’re more than a month into the trip. Christmas is just around the corner, I’m rocking traveller pants on the reg (oh yes) and Sara’s arriving tomorrow, so life’s pretty good. I’ve really liked Hanoi so far. We’ve met a bunch of backpackers in the hostels we’ve stayed at, from hyper-douche Aussies to OCD […]

The Honeymoon – Part 1

“It’s the honeymoon period.” This is what Alex and I were told a few days before leaving on our trip. Our amazing and helpful mentor Mr. Lee had been on plenty of bike tours himself. “The first week or two should be relaxing. Spend a little more on food. Bike slowly. Stay at some cool […]

Alex’s Blog – The Beginning

Hi, On the 18th of November ma boy Keal and I left Seoul, Korea, where we’d been living the good life for almost 3 years as English teachers. Around the time of the Summer mud festival 2014 (the birthplace of countless unforgettable stories), we had the idea to cycle from Hong Kong to India. This […]