Well, we’re more than a month into the trip. Christmas is just around the corner, I’m rocking traveller pants on the reg (oh yes) and Sara’s arriving tomorrow, so life’s pretty good.

I’ve really liked Hanoi so far. We’ve met a bunch of backpackers in the hostels we’ve stayed at, from hyper-douche Aussies to OCD Germans. We’ve got all sorts.

I’ve spent most of my time drinking, getting massages and exploring the city. There’s a beautiful lake in the centre that seemed like the perfect place to chill and read, but I soon realised that it’s the place where scores of Vietnamese uni students pace around restlessly,¬†looking for foreigners to practise English and take pictures with. I have honestly never managed to stay alone for more than 5 minutes in that place, but I don’t mind at all and they always turn out to be cool dudes.

Hoan Kiem Lake




Oh, and laughing gas balloons are a big thing here! Holy shit, I remember Nev and I falling around on these things at festivals when we were 15 before they got banned for making you retarded. It was a real blast from the past. Keal got pretty hooked on them actually. We’ve still got 6 months left so I hope it’s not a gateway drug.

Cycling is heaven when there’s paved roads, but a fucking nightmare when we get caught off the main route. We got stuck for hours up a mountain called ‘Mona’ a few weeks ago on a ridiculous path made of rocks and slush. Hopefully not a sign of things to come in Laos.

We went to an escape room the other day, I’m absolutely addicted. They seem a lot harder than in Seoul though, especially with a big group of people. We did a room in which you’re locked inside a tomb and have to work your way out, called ‘Escape the Egyptians’. Our Israeli mate Dor remarked before we started, ‘Don’t worry, we already beat the Egyptians once’. You can’t really argue with that.

Trap Escape Room, Hanoi
Trap Escape Room, Hanoi



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