I’m writing this as I leave Cat Ba Island, where ive been chilling for the last couple nights. I spent 2 weeks in Hanoi, exploring the city. My Sara came to visit and together we hit up galleries, did a touch of urban exploration (turns out Hanoi is ripe for urbex), ate, drank and stayed merry. Cat Ba is more geared towards outdoor adventure, however. Keal and I indulged in some limestone rock climbing, cave kayaking and island hopping. The scenery is spectacular here, even a little overwhelming.


The last couple of nights I went down to one of the private beaches, snuck past the security guards and took a cheeky midnight swim in the phosphorescent algie. I got a cold but it was worth it.

By far the best part of the island trip was the journey here however. I knew the island had a great reputation, but I had no idea that I’d be sharing a bus with one of my favourite celebrities, nor that he’d be staying in a hotel down the road from me.

There I was, nose buried in my kindle, reading Russell Brand’s masterpiece Revolution, when in walks none other than Southpark’s PC Principal. I couldn’t believe my eyes, holy shit. PC rocks in the bus waiting area, complete with blind guy sunglasses, like it’s absolutely nothing. I’m losing my marbles over there, trying to take secret photos and get close enough to hear him talking about how minorities are continually marginalised or praising Caitlyn Jenner.

Here’s some snaps I managed to get.

PC Principal eating banana
PC Principal eating banana
PC Principal
PC Principal checking privilage


Peace out

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