It’s been quite a while since the last post so I’ll give you a quick recap. After Cat Ba, we had another night in Hanoi before we set out for pastures new. We made tracks for Ninh Binh, famed for its beautiful rocky scenery and deemed to be ‘The Dry Halong Bay’.

Once there, the first thing we did was to hire an otherwise frail old lady with a back like a circus strongman to row us through the caves and lagoons of Trang An for a couple of hours, which was awesome, and well worth the 50p we paid her for the day. Jokes, it was like £4.

Sign her up to the Boat Race

The second thing I did was swear off eating beef after reading some information about the staggering environmental impact of beef production.

The third was to crash my motorscooter on the way to Cuc Phuong National Park where I’d been on my way to go monkey watching, then eaten a humongous cheeseburger to make myself feel better before going to the hospital to get stitches and a tetanus shot.

I was feeling a little nervy about the stitches, even though the cut was just below my knee in a fleshy part that wasn’t too painful. I trace this fear back a couple of years ago, when after another road accident I had to get the back of my hand stitched up in Peru. As I walked into a tin shed that the mountain town of about 50 people had designated as an emergency clinic, my girlfriend at the time who I was travelling with informed me that with stitches, they stitch up the flesh inside the actual wound, like a kind of grotesque open heart surgery. I knew it was bullocks, but as the ‘nurse’ pulled on a white shirt which initially looked reassuringly medical until I noticed the faded Puma logo, I suddenly wasn’t so sure.

That irrational fear of stitches stuck with me as I drove my clapped out scooter to the hospital, which fortunately, unlike my last brush with the tarmac had windows, and presumably free of vermin. But in the end there was no need to get all worked up- doctor said I didn’t need stitches after all, just a cleanup and a cheeky injection.

I’m in a tea house for deaf people right now where you’re not allowed to talk, which actually creates a very soothing atmosphere. Unfortunately they’re closing for a 2 hour break midday, which means I’m being kicking out and have to post more of an update later. Goes to show, you can support disabled people in a multitude of ways, but you can’t improve their work ethic.


-Edit- that was a joke. No offense Nev.


Catch you later

Cycling's been on a wet side recently
Cycling’s been a bit on the wet side recently

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