The Meme

So we are chilling in Hoi An, Vietnam at the moment. Easily my favorite place in Vietnam so far. Alex was giving the news feed a little scroll and found a classic Facebook post from a friend of his. As a well deserved troll, Alex recreated the photo with people we met here in Hoi […]

The Honeymoon – Part 2

Our “Honeymoon Phase 1” was going lovely. But hand feeding Alex chicken curry while cockroaches crawled across our feet had to end at some point. We hauled these damn bikes from Korea and they weren’t going to ride themselves. Enter China. Keal: Do you know Chinese? Alex: No, I don’t know Chinese. Do you? Keal: […]

The Honeymoon – Part 1

“It’s the honeymoon period.” This is what Alex and I were told a few days before leaving on our trip. Our amazing and helpful mentor Mr. Lee had been on plenty of bike tours himself. “The first week or two should be relaxing. Spend a little more on food. Bike slowly. Stay at some cool […]

Tutor Kings

Our first project together turned out to be more ambitious than expected. What was going to be a small web series mocking our lives as teachers in Seoul, turned into a full on short film. Check it out below to get the detailed story of Brandon Schuster: the next Tutor King.